Gojira - The Link  (New CD)

Gojira - The Link (New CD)

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New CD


This French quartet had surpassed themselves with their last album, their third, called from Mars to Sirius. It showed an even more adventurous and innovative metal band that keeps on hammering some of the most memorable, chunky riffs and groovy arrangements probably like a bastard child of Morbid Angel, Meshuggah and Killing Joke. Here with this new Live CD from a 2003 show at the Theatre Barbet in Bordeaux, France, Gojira confirm they're one of the strongest live Metal bands on the planet!



1 The Link
2 Death Of Me
3 Connected
4 Remembrance
5 Torii
6 Indians
7 Embrace The World
8 Inward Movement
9 Over The Flows
10 Wisdom Comes
11 Dawn