Crack Cloud - Tough Baby  (New Vinyl LP)

Crack Cloud - Tough Baby (New Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. Crack Cloud's 2022 album Tough Baby is both a clarion call and a life-manual for the listener. Unsurprisingly, Tough Baby is a record with purpose and resolve. Nothing is wasted. Sometimes the music feels deliberately compressed, the essences extracted and bottled into an overpowering cordial, as on '115 At Night', which sounds like an '80s Van Halen track being squeezed into another shape. And it's difficult to see how a track like 'Virtuous Industry' can hold itself together, such are the sonic hoops it jumps through. The sharp angles and hook- laden guitar lines that were once seen as a trademark sound are less in evidence. Last track 'Crackin Up' does nod back to earlier releases with a booming beat and guitars that snag, like wool on barbed wire. But maybe there's another focus taking shape, one that was not fully realised on the band's remarkable debut, Pain Olympics. Zach Choy: "We made that album with no expectation of making another." Maybe that expectation lent Pain Olympics it's febrile, combustible atmosphere. But the world moves on, and Tough Baby is moving with it. The new record reflects Choy's point that "we are always maturing emotionally with our experiences, and so how we understand and express them evolves over our lifetime." There is a sleekness here: cinematic dreamer music that takes in the street romanticisms and seedy cruises of classic alternative pop.


        Danny's Message    
        The Politician    
        Costly Engineered Illusion    
        Please Yourself    
        Virtuous Industry    
        Tough Baby    
        1:15 At Night    
        Afterthought (Sukhi's Prayer)    
        Cracking Up