Destrage - Chosen One  (New CD)

Destrage - Chosen One (New CD)

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According to guitarist Matteo Di Gioia, going into the writing of The Chosen One, Destrage's fifth full-length, the plan was simple: "No bullshit. No half-baked or lukewarm stuff. No self-indulgence. No 'Okay, let's keep that because it's pretty good and we're friends' weak ass attitude." The results speak for themselves, building upon their already exemplary discography with humbling self-assurance. At the same time, it is very much an empowering record, encouraging both the members themselves and others to make peace with choices taken.

The Chosen One
About That
Hey, Stranger!
At The Cost Of Pleasure
Mr. Bugman
Rage, My Alibi
Headache And Crumbs
The Gifted One