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Disentomb - The Decaying Light (New CD)


In their 10th year since conception, Disentomb now stands as one of the most unique and commanding bands in modern death metal. The pursuit of unrelentingly brutal death metal has lead them down a dark and twisted path and into a unique sound completely unlike their beginnings, combining lacerating energy with a bleak dissonance that embodies a focused sonic malice like no other. Following on from 2010's Sunken Chambers of Nephilim and 2014's breakout Misery, the band's long-awaited third album The Decaying Light features 13 tracks of doomed out brutality, undoubtedly their most accomplished and suffocating work to date.

Your Prayers Echo Into Nothingness
Indecipherable Sermons Of Gloom
Undying Dysphoria
Centuries Of Deluge
The Decaying Light
The Great Abandonment
Dredged Into Existence
The Droning Monoliths
Dismal Liturgies
Invocation In The Cathedral Of Dust
Rebirth Through Excoriation