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Cattle Decapitation - Medium Rarities (New CD)



2018 release, a rarities collection from the metal band. Featuring six previously unreleased pre-Human Jerky (1999) demos with front-man Travis Ryan on guitar (while also handling vocal duties), plus the long-sought-after To Serve Man (2002) bonus track, "Rotting Children For Remote Viewing" - in addition to other rarities (including the six songs from 2005′s split EP with Caninus!) - this compilation spans the band's 22-year long career and is a must-have for any Cattle Decapitation fan. Travis Ryan comments: "Medium Rarities is a project we started about 10 years ago, and we're thrilled to see it finally happen! In 2008, I started compiling unreleased tracks, import bonus tracks and 7″ releases for a rarities release - and even had the art created by the legendary Wes Benscoter. This is a nice, concise compilation of unreleased and hard-to-find tracks... A lot of thought and work went into this release, and we are pleased to finally be able to present to you!"