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Brothers of Metal - Emblas Saga (New CD)


2020 release from the Swedish metal warriors. Every song on the album is a heavy metal hymn and will thrill new fans and old fans alike. More epic and more metal than ever before. The hype is real! One must have lived under a rock to not hear of this amazing band from Falun, Sweden: Brothers of Metal are an extraordinary eight-piece which is taking the metal world by storm. Their debut Prophecy Of Ragnarök was officially made available by AFM Records in November 2018, and it became a bestseller right away. Therefore, anticipation and expectations are equally high - and following up a hit debut like Prophecy Of Ragnarök for sure is not an easy task. Though, Brothers of Metal prevail in this battle and their masterfully crafted new weapon Emblas Saga will pave them the way to a lot more future victories.