The Men - Tomorrow's Hits  (Used CD)

The Men - Tomorrow's Hits (Used CD)

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2014 release from the Indie Rock band. By the end of winter last year, the Men had pared a huge crop of demoed songs down to 13. With their plans to take a break foiled by their own work ethic, they decided to record those songs before their 2013 album NEW MOON came out. They booked two days at Brooklyns Strange Weather studios, clocked in, and tracked all 13 songs entirely live, even including a horn section. Eight songs from those sessions made the final cut for TOMORROWS HITS. This is their first album recorded in a high-end studio and, appropriately, the result is their most high fidelity album to date. That being said, it is still an incredibly straightforward record. TOMORROWS HITS is a concise collection of songs that nonetheless expands the band's ever-evolving musical palette. It's full of genre-bending risks, but it reinforces the overarching theme that has come to define it's makers: The Men are a great Rock band.