Prong - Beg to Differ  (New CD)

Prong - Beg to Differ (New CD)

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CD reissue. Picked up by Epic/CBS after big fishing it in small indie label ponds, Prong would craft a masterpiece of modern metal together with Anthrax and Suicidal Tendencies producer Mark Dodson. It's time to honor the New York power trio comprised of guitarist/vocalist Tommy Victor, bassist Mike Kirkland and drummer Ted Parsons with the creation of 'Beg To Differ', for breaking sacred ground and directing where heavy music would inevitably head for the rest of the '90s. From the album opener 'For Dear Life', 'Steady Decline', 'Lost and Found', 'Prime Cut', 'Take it in Hand' to the inimitable 'Your Fear' were thrash metal from a non-thrash metal perspective.