Stereolab - Mars Audiac Quintet [Expanded]  (New Vinyl LP)

Stereolab - Mars Audiac Quintet [Expanded] (New Vinyl LP)

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Mars Audiac Quintet
A1 Three-Dee Melodie
A2 Wow And Flutter
A3 Transona Five
A4 Des Etoiles Electroniques
B1 Ping Pong
B2 Anamorphose
B3 Three Longers Later
C1 Nihilist Assault Group
C2 International Colouring Contest
C3 The Stars Our Destination
C4 Transporte Sans Bouger
D1 L'Enfer Des Formes
D2 Outer Accelerator
D3 New Orthophony
D4 Fiery Yellow
Demos And Alternate Versions
E1 Ulan Bator
E2 Klang Tone
E3 Melochord Seventy-Five (Original Pulse Version)
E4 Outer Accelerator - (Original Mix)
F1 Nihilist Assault Group - Part 6
F2 Wow And Flutter (7"/EP Version - Alternative Mix)
F3 Des Etoile Electroniques - Demo
F4 Ping Pong - Demo
F5 The Stars Our Destination - Demo
F6 Three Longers Later - Demo
F7 Transona Five - Demo
F8 Transporté Sans Bouger - Demo