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Television Personalities - Mummy You're Not Watching Me [Black & White Marbled Vinyl] (New Vinyl LP)


Record Store Day 2017 Release

Reissued for Record Store Day on limited edition black and white marbled vinyl. Includes download code.

All songs published by Fire Songs.

• Tracks are numbered continously from 1 to 11 on back cover.
• Band name is written "TV Personalities" on front cover but "Television Personalities" on spine.
• Title is written "Mummy Your Not Watching Me" on front cover but "Mummy You're Not Watching Me" on spine and in tracklisting.


A1 Adventure Playground
A2 A Day In Heaven
A3 Scream Quietly...
A4 Mummy You're Not Watching Me
A5 Brians Magic Car
A6 Where The Rainbow Ends
B1 David Hockneys Diaries
B2 Painting By Numbers
B3 Lichtenstein Painting
B4 Magnificent Dreams
B5 If I Could Write Poetry