Megadeth - The World Needs a Hero  (New CD)

Megadeth - The World Needs a Hero (New CD)

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The World Needs a Hero is the ninth studio album by American thrash metal band Megadeth, originally released in May 2001. Megadeth is one of the most revered bands in metal. With a career spanning 25 years and over 10 million albums including the classics - "Peace Sells... But Who' Buying," "Rust In Peace" and "Countdown To Extinction." The band has inspired the new breed of metal bands ranging from Trivium to Shadows Fall and more. - Band has been on the road for the last two years straight with high profile tours including: Clash Of the Titans - with Slayer, Testament and Exodus American Carnage - co headline with Slayer, Big 4 - Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax. Megadeth played on the mainstage of this summer's Mayhem festival to huge crowds daily.