Half-Handed Cloud - Gathered Out of Thin Air  (New LP)

Half-Handed Cloud - Gathered Out of Thin Air (New LP)

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Gathered Out Of Thin Air is a new Halfhanded Cloud (John Ringhofer) double LP compilation of sixty freshly mastered, non-LP singles, recorded throughout the band's second decade (2010-2019) from all over the world, released in multiple formats, and compiled from an array of seventeen different releases. Some of the sixty songs have thus far only seen digital release (such as 2015's twin home-taped sound collage pop releases Foiled EP No.1 & Foiled EP No.2), while others were released only on vinyl (2011's DOVE EP [which now features a new mix], and 2012's Blood Brothers EP). One 7-inch EP collected here consists entirely of analog synthesizer song experiments (2016's Jiminy Circuits). A significant batch of hard-to-find loose tracks were originally released on various compilations -digital, compact disc, given out with a festival ticket, or along with a CD-R zine compilation. Now, for the first time, they are available in one place: a 2xLP, released by Asthmatic Kitty Records in November of 2019.