Dragonfly - Dragonfly  (New Vinyl LP)

Dragonfly - Dragonfly (New Vinyl LP)

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Limited Edition, 180g Black Vinyl in Hand Numbered Gatefold Sleeve with Booklet and 7Inch in Picture Sleeve
Limited edition of 1000 copies only
Heavy psych landmark
Originally issued in October 1968
Definitive vinyl edition
Digitally Remastered
Includes 7inch in picture sleeve with two bonus tracks
Large-format booklet with comprehensive notes and rare photos
Interview with guitarist Randy Russ
Most comprehensive edition ever


A1     –Dragonfly (8)     Blue Monday     3:08
A2     –Dragonfly (8)     Enjoy Yourself     3:28
A3     –Dragonfly (8)     Hootchie Kootchie Man     4:25
A4     –Dragonfly (8)     I Feel It     4:38
A5     –Dragonfly (8)     Trombodo     0:24
A6     –Dragonfly (8)     Portrait Of Youth     2:48
B1     –Dragonfly (8)     Crazy Woman     2:45
B2     –Dragonfly (8)     She Don't Care     2:32
B3     –Dragonfly (8)     Time Has Slipped Away     2:36
B4     –Dragonfly (8)     To Be Free     3:22
B5     –Dragonfly (8)     Darlin'     0:24
B6     –Dragonfly (8)     Miles Away     4:45
C1     –The Legend (5)     Portrait Of Youth     2:40
D1     –The Legend (5)     Enjoy Yourself     2:52