Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures  (New Vinyl LP)

Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures (New Vinyl LP)

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Top 500 #211

Joy Division came from the northern England industrial gloom of Manchester, four blue-collar lads chasing a new kind of goth-punk grandeur. Right from the opening, “Disorder,” Unknown Pleasures sounds like nothing else, with the doomed Ian Curtis yelping his dark poetry (“I got the spirit!”) over Peter Hook’s bass pulse. But for all the despair, there’s something inspiring in the surge of “Interzone” and “New Dawn Fades.” Black-clad young bands have been imitating Joy Division ever since.


A1 Disorder 3:36
A2 Day Of The Lords 4:43
A3 Candidate 3:00
A4 Insight 4:00
A5 New Dawn Fades 4:47
B1 She’s Lost Control 3:40
B2 Shadowplay 3:50
B3 Wilderness 2:35
B4 Interzone 2:10
B5 I Remember Nothing 6:00