Buffalo Tom - Big Red Letter Day  (New Vinyl LP)

Buffalo Tom - Big Red Letter Day (New Vinyl LP)

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RSD Release on Red Vinyl


Boston-based heroes Buffalo Tom have been at it for a long time and are still going strong (their new album is out this month). It was way back in 1989 when their J Mascis-produced, self-titled debut landed, establishing them as a force to be reckoned with in a budding alternative rock scene that would dominate the 90's. A couple of records followed (Birdbrain, Let Me Come Over) before they released what many consider to be their masterpiece, Big Red Letter Day. The record saw the band take a step away from their fuzzed out influences (Husker Du, Dinosaur Jr.), with a new found focus on songcraft and melody. There are up-tempo rockers ('Treehouse'), somber ballads ('Would Not Be Denied') and the achingly beautiful comedown ('Late at Night'). Big Red Letter Day showcased Buffalo Tom at the height of their powers and at their most cohesive, a true classic of the era. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the record, Beggars Banquet via Alliance.


A1 Sodajerk 4:27
A2 I'm Allowed 4:21
A3 Tree House 4:15
A4 Would Not Be Denied 3:45
A5 Latest Monkey 2:46
A6 My Responsibility 3:33
B7 Dry Land 3:17
B8 Torch Singer 3:03
B9 Late At Night 3:57
B10 Suppose 3:13
B11 Anything That Way 4:47