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[Discounted] Iron Butterfly - Heavy (New Vinyl LP)

$1599 $2099

Discounted: Received from distributor with creased corner (see pic). Still factory sealed; no damage to the vinyl.

180 Gram


Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing. Heavy is the debut studio album by Iron Butterfly, released in early 1968. The first two tracks, "Possession" and "Unconscious Power", were released as the respective sides of a single. Three of the group's members (Jerry Penrod, Darryl DeLoach and Danny Weis) left the band shortly after the album was recorded, leaving Ingle and Bushy to find replacements. Despite being a debut album with no hit single to provide an entry point for the casual listener, Heavy was a commercial success, reaching #78 on the Billboard Charts and eventually going Gold in the US. Contrary to rumor, tambourine player Darryl DeLoach contributed lead vocals to only a few songs on Heavy. As with all of Iron Butterfly's albums prior to Scorching Beauty, most of the lead vocals are by Doug Ingle.