Joywave - Content  (New CD)

Joywave - Content (New CD)

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2017 release. Content, which has a playful double meaning, is produced by Joywave's Daniel Armbruster and Sean Donnelly and mixed by Rich Costey. Joywave is an indie rock band from Rochester, New York, consisting of members Armbruster (vocals), Joseph Morinelli (guitar), Donnelly (bass), Benjamin Bailey (keyboards), and Paul Brenner (drums). The band first became known for it's collaboration with electronic music project Big Data in 2014. After releasing two EPs, their debut album How Do You Feel Now? was released on Cultco Music/Hollywood Records in 2015.


1        Content
2        Shutdown
3        It's A Trip
4        Rumors
5        Confidence
6        Doubt
7        Going To A Place
8        Little Lies You're Told
9        When You're Bored
10        Thanks, Thanks For Coming
11        Let's Talk About Feelings