Sonic Avenues - Disconnector  (New Vinyl LP)

Sonic Avenues - Disconnector (New Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2016 release, the fourth studio album by Montreal-based band Sonic Avenues. The twelve songs were recorded in the winter of 2016 by Adrian Popovich and Sonic Avenue's vocalist/guitarist Maxime Desharnais at Mountain City and Sound Salvation Studios (the latter being Desharnais' home.) With this latest, the band gets as far away possible from a formula of creative comfort-playing with new instrumentation, different tempos and a variety of song structures. A conscious effort to offer abrupt contrasts along with new textures has them turning from dark and quiet into fast, noisy, fuzzed-out sing-alongs. Building on 2014's well received Mistakes, Disconnector explores new themes of future and destiny, human potential and it's annihilation, self-control, and abandonment. The band's punk roots are still in evidence, though, and if you didn't know what to listen for, this could almost be a different band from the one that released their s/t debut LP back in 2009. Never ones to make the same record twice, Disconnector marks Sonic Avenues' biggest, boldest step forward yet.


A1     Future     
A2     Burn Like Fire     
A3     Dead Faces     
A4     Dancing In The Sun     
A5     Illusions: The System     
A6     Tunnel Vision     
B1     Forgetting The Sound Of My Mind     
B2     Death Trap     
B3     Where No One Falls     
B4     This Is Your Way Out     
B5     Monotonic     
B6     Defective