Staves - If I Was  { - If I Was  (New CD)

Staves - If I Was { - If I Was (New CD)

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2015 release from the British trio. The Staves, originally from Watford, England, are three sisters: Emily (vocals), Jessica (vocals, guitar), and Camilla (vocals, ukulele) Staveley-Taylor. The album was recorded in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, at producer Justin Vernon's April Base Studios-a former veterinary clinic where he also recorded his 2012 self-titled Bon Iver album. In their new songs, The Staves examine their seemingly endless touring by imagining what they have left behind rather than writing about endless highways, hotel rooms, and what they see in front of them. "The amount of time we've spent away from home has affected all our relationships," states Emily. "And I don't just mean boyfriends, but relationships with family and close friends and wider groups of mates, who you just have to get used to never seeing. It can be difficult. Writing about it all is necessary therapy in making sense of quite an unconventional life."


1 Blood I Bled
2 Steady
3 No Me, No You, No More
4 Let Me Down
5 Black & White
6 Damn It All
7 The Shining
8 Don't You Call Me Anymore
9 Horizons
10 Teeth White
11 Make It Holy
12 Sadness Don't Own Me