The Struggle - Endless  (New Vinyl LP)

The Struggle - Endless (New Vinyl LP)

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THE STRUGGLE was originally formed as a side project by various members of North East UK punk bands (GIMP FIST, CRASHED OUT, MAJOR ACCIDENT, GEOFFREY OI!COTT) wanting to play something a little different. Taking blueprints from the sounds of the underground, the band put their influences together, initially with the intention of writing just one single. Having been there and done that, it was clear there was energy and life in THE STRUGGLE, and so the songs kept on coming. Listening to Endless you can hear those wide ranging sources of inspiration coming together, as short sharp bangers sit alongside catchy street anthems, giving way to darker, melancholic sounds. Recent years have been responsible for difficult times both personally and within society. The lyrics on Endless are a reflection of that, with tracks such as "Expose The Truth" or "Different Name" dealing with governmental corruption. "Break Out" and "The Struggle" deal with inner demons such as lethargy or the need to ft in, finding the courage to go your own way. "Tear And A Smile" is a tribute to friends like Micky Fitz or Dickie Hammond, taken before their time and leaving a big empty space as well as a tearful smile. Endless is the culmination of four talented and experienced individuals coming together as a band and writing songs their way - without trying to ft any particular mold; just writing what sounds right. The result speaks for itself, and is bound to take this band to new heights.