The Hold Steady - A Positive Rage  (New CD/DVD)

The Hold Steady - A Positive Rage (New CD/DVD)

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Led by the philosophical wanderings of Craig Finn, The Hold Steady earned a reputation during the 2000s as one of the greatest live rock bands going. A POSITIVE RAGE captures the rowdy spirit of the five-man band's performance, with 17 tracks culled from their first three records. The band's live show is a big part of their success. The band belts out their anthemic rock in rapid fire style without so much as a breath. While some fans try and keep up with Craig Finn's now-renowned vocals, some just shake with joy and try to mimic Finn's white-guy dance moves. A Positive Rage is not only a live album featuring 20 songs, but, through a documentary style DVD, also gives fans a look behind a band that has risen from the indie rock underbelly to being the voice for hundreds of thousands of beer swilling men and women that are out to have a good time.