Phantastic Ferniture - Phantastic Ferniture  (New CD)

Phantastic Ferniture - Phantastic Ferniture (New CD)

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Phantastic Ferniture is the project of old friends Julia Jacklin, Elizabeth Hughes, Ryan K Brennan, and Tom Stephens, who wanted to shake the shackles of their meticulously crafted solo work to experience a second, giddy adolescence. That's evident in the urgent garage-pop perfection of the band's more spontaneous and less technical self-titled debut. Whenever the band members could get into the same room, Brennan took the producer's role (as well as the drummer's seat): at Sydney's Studios 301, Defwolf and One Flight Up, with additional vocals tracked at The Sitting Room in New Zealand.



1     Uncomfortable Teenager     
2     Bad Timing     
3     Fuckin 'n' Rollin     
4     Gap Year     
5     Take It Off     
6     Parks     
7     I Need It     
8     Dark Corner Dance Floor     
9     Mumma y Pappa