Terminal Mind - Recordings  (New Vinyl LP)

Terminal Mind - Recordings (New Vinyl LP)

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180 gram vinyl anthology of the Austin,Tx first-wave punk outfit. includes the previously released 1979 EP plus all of the Terminal Mind songs recorded for the 1980's tex-punk bombshell "Live at Raul's" as well as all other live recorded output of the band that could be unearthed. All music has been remastered for this collection.


A1     I Want To Die Young     
A2     Refugee     
A3     Sense of Rythm     
A4     Zombieland     
A5     Obsessed With Crime     
A6     Fear In the Future     
B1     Radioactive     
B2     Bridges Are For Burning     
B3     (I Give Up On) Human Rights     
B4     Black     
B5     Missing Pieces     
B6     Bureaucracy