The Pine Hill Haints - Ghost Dance  (New Vinyl LP)

The Pine Hill Haints - Ghost Dance (New Vinyl LP)

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Mad World Records Top 300 (all The Pine Hill Haints albums are worth a spin)


First recorded in 2006... done in two sessions. The first was in Olympia Washington at Dub Narcotic by Calvin Johnson's K Records, in the old warehouse with the classic 50s graffiti on the back wall, 2 inch tape analog... The van got towed right before the session, causing a huge delay, and tour mates the Can Kickers from New London, Connecticut had a van completely breakdown, thus it led to them being at the session with us. Founding member Bradley Williams was also there, touring as a one man band. K released the record in 2007. It went through a few pressings, before coming back to Arkam.