Sleeping with Sirens - Madness  (New CD)

Sleeping with Sirens - Madness (New CD)

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Wins and nominations for Artist Of The Year (APMAS 2014, Alternative Press 2013), Best International Newcomer (Kerrang!), Album Of The Year and Song Of The Year (APMAS) are all emblematic of the tidal wave that is Sleeping with Sirens. Now comes Madness, Sleeping with Sirens debut on new home Epitaph. Madness is an electric summation of all that is SWS and everything they represent. Lead track 'Kick Me' is a defiant finger in the air to the naysayers, showing off the band's strong roots in the scream and Metalcore scene, but radio single 'Strays' speaks to the vaulting ambition of this band; the lyric celebrates the band's fans, who call themselves Strays, and show a powerful sense of community, while the music, produced by the radio-friendly John Feldman (5 Seconds of Summer) presents a band ready to follow fellow scenesters Fall Out Boy and Paramore into the mainstream.