Weezer - Pinkerton  (New CD)

Weezer - Pinkerton (New CD)

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New CD


Weezer emerged from a San Fernando Valley garage in 1994 to become one of the biggest success stories in recent pop music history. Their self-titled debut sold over two million copies worldwide and yielded three Top 5 hits on alternative radio ("Buddy Holly" garnered four MTV Awards). Their highly-anticipated new album features 10 songs produced by the band. First single/video "El Scorcho"; other key tracks include "The Good Life" and "Why Bother?"


1 Tired Of Sex 3:01
2 Getchoo 2:52
3 No Other One 3:01
4 Why Better? 2:08
5 Across The Sea 4:32
6 The Good Life 4:17
7 El Scorcho 4:03
8 Pink Triangle 3:58
9 Falling For You 3:47
10 Butterfly 2:53