The Underground Railroad to Candyland - The People Are Home  (New Vinyl LP)

The Underground Railroad to Candyland - The People Are Home (New Vinyl LP)

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The Underground Railroad to Candyland are akin to the Merry Prankster's cross-country voyage of 1966; a ramshackle school bus painted in day-glow rainbow tearing across the desert at 80 miles per hour, speakers blasting perversely twisted freeform tape loops of beatnik rock and roll while all manner of suspicious individuals imbibe massive quantities of speed and LSD on a quest to blur the lines between nihilistic self destruction, art, and society at large. Jangly guitar leads and buoyant, carefree vocals carry the melodies over a springy, surf-influenced rhythm section, which string together this beastly opus of lo-fidelity pop-punk gems. TODD CONGELLIERE's (FYP, TOYS THAT KILL, STONED AT HEART) unique songwriting, lyrical sensibilities, and voice shines with the carefree spirit of youth, a vibrant wanderlust that sweeps the old and bitter away in a wash of adolescent enthusiasm and jovial exuberance. Reminding us that while there's always work and life and serious business to attend to, nothing can beat the little moments when we turn our backs and laugh this whole reality thing off as the big joke it really is.


Dead Leg     
The Grownups Will Have Their Say     
Yer Not The Only One     
In Case You Dunno     
Let's Go! Take It Slow!     
Baby Makes WW3     
Diamond Ring     
This Is A Blind Date!     
And Now...     
You Don't Like The Summer     
Th Ppl R Hm