Savages - Silence Yourself  (New CD)

Savages - Silence Yourself (New CD)

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Highly anticipated 2013 debut from the British all-female quartet who play music with scything energy and brutal power. Recorded with Rodaidh McDonald (The xx), the album is an 11-track, 38-minute masterpiece. Limned in black and white but containing a swell of different emotions within it's self-imposed strictures, the songs cover topics from masochism ("Hit Me"), urban dread ("City's Full"), materialism, possessiveness and the experience of being a woman ("Husbands," "I Am Here"). Everyone is delivered with fierce conviction and concision.


1 Shut Up 4:48
2 I Am Here 3:20
3 City's Full 3:27
4 Strife 3:57
5 Waiting For A Sign 5:25
6 Dead Nature 2:06
7 She Will 3:27
8 No Face 3:35
9 Hit Me 1:41
10 Husbands 2:50
11 Marshal Dear 4:03