Damien Jurado - In the Shape of a Storm  (New CD)

Damien Jurado - In the Shape of a Storm (New CD)

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Speaking about the films that influenced his fourteenth album, the solitary masterwork In the Shape of a Storm, Damien Jurado tosses out a list of favorites - American Graffiti, Paris, Texas, The Last Picture Show - films in which settings serve as silent, omniscient characters. But inquire about the curious way he writes songs, the hazy manner by which he seems to channel them from beyond the beyond, and the cinematic reference point he reaches for is a surprising one. "You ever see that movie Ghost? Whoopi Goldberg's character, Oda Mae Brown - that's who I am. These spirits are showing up at her door, jumping into her body. That's how I feel. I don't know what's coming out of me... I just show up and deliver it."


1        Lincoln    3:09
2        Newspaper Gown    2:55
3        Oh Weather    1:07
4        South    3:07
5        Throw Me Now Your Arms    2:27
6        Where You Want Me To Be    2:11
7        Silver Ball    2:36
8        The Shape Of A Storm    2:40
9        Anchors    2:46
10        Hands On The Table    4:26