Snowden - No One in Control  (New CD)

Snowden - No One in Control (New CD)

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After more than a half-decade after their breakthrough debut album, Snowden returns with No One in Control. Jordan Jeffares - the multi-talented mind behind Snowden - toiled for almost six years, pushing himself and his music ever closer to madness, and that hermetic intensity can be heard in each facet of the record, finely etched with the help of producer Bill Skibbe (John Spencer, Blues Explosion, the Kills, Fiery Furnaces). from the syrupy pulse beats of So Red; to the nihilistic euphoria of the first single, the Beat Comes, Snowden has crafted a vivid portrait of obsession and isolation, of gut-wrenching doubt and ultimate redemption. With it's seamless integration of haunting melodies, rhythmic ingenuity, and deft songcraft, No One in Control sees Snowden's artistry and ambition ascending to untouched new heights.