[Discounted] Ausmuteants - Amusements  (New Vinyl LP)

[Discounted] Ausmuteants - Amusements (New Vinyl LP)

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DISCOUNTED: Has one slightly bent corner, but still sealed, and no damage to the vinyl.

Vinyl LP pressing. 2013 release form the Australian Alt-Rock band. Ausmuteants are four twenty-nothings from Geelong, Victoria, raised on a diet of seminal Avant Punk like Chrome and the Screamers. As a two-piece, Jake Robertson (synthesizer, guitar) and Billy Gardener (drums) flushed their Devo obsession with the release of their Split Personalities album in 2012. They've since added Marc Dean and Shaun Connor on bass and guitar, respectively, and worked '60's songwriting ideas, Disco rhythms and a subtler brand of theft into finely crafted pop songs.