Various Artists - Influence: A Tribute to Big Boys (New Vinyl LP)

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–Toys That Kill     Nervous     
–Night Birds     Wise Up     
–Mind Spiders     T.V.     
–Spokenest     We're Not In It To Lose     
–Drunk Injuns     Red / Green     
–Tight Lips     Influence     
–Neighborhood Brats     Lesson     
–Subtle Pills     In The City     
–Negative Degree     Assault     
–Riverboat Gamblers*     Sound On Sound     
–The Distressers     New Wave Slave     
–The Nervous    Manipulation / Apolitical     
–Low Culture     Shut Up     
–Whiff     Work Without Pay     
–Ghost Knife     Frat Cars     
–Ditch Patrol     Narrow View     
–Car 87     No Love     
–The Junk     Gator Fuckin'     
–Landline     Which Way To Go     
–Los Olvidados     Fun, Fun, Fun...