Christ on a Crutch - Spread Your Filth / Shit Edge [Colored Vinyl] (New LP)

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    Shit Edge And Other Songs For The Young And Sentimental

A1     Food For Thought (Dance Re-Mix)     
A2     You Crack Me Up     
A3     Will Of The Masses     
A4     T.R.B.D.K.B.B.     
A5     Summer     
A6     Song For A Slab Of Pork     
B1     Nation Of Sheep     
B2     What You Don't Give Me (I'll Have To Steal)     
B3     Down     
B4     Dreams     
B5     A Christian's Crack Diary     
B6     Paranoid World Vision     
B7     Shit Edge     
B8     Nation Of Sheep     
B9     Fish People     
B10     Christian's Crack Diary
    Spread Your Filth

C1     A Pillar Of Our Society     
C2     Food For Thought     
C3     Requiem For A Scene     
C4     Mud     
C5     Nuclear Holocaust: A X-Mas Song     
C6     Post Script     
C7     Children Shouldn't Play With Guns     
C8     Punk Business     
C9     I'm A Believer     
D1     Control Your Life     
D2     Ode To A Liberal Democrat     
D3     Off Target     
D4     Meatheads     
D5     Spread Your Filth     
D6     Human Pesticide     
D7     Life Everlasting     
D8     We've Got The Beat