Boogie Down Productions - Criminal Minded [Red Vinyl]  (New Vinyl LP)

Boogie Down Productions - Criminal Minded [Red Vinyl] (New Vinyl LP)

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Criminal Minded - BOOGIE DOWN PRODUCTIONS - In listing the greatest albums in hip-hop history, one title never seems to stray from the upper echelons, no matter how many years pass: Boogie Down Productions' undisputed classic from 1986, Criminal Minded. Released amidst a battle between BDP and MC Shan that would redefine the New York rap landscape as it was then known, the album, which features the songs "South Bronx," "Criminal Minded" and "The Bridge is Over," captures the excitement, urgency and raw power that embodies hip-hop culture as we know it, with KRS-One's aggressive yet intelligent lyricism backed by Scott La Rock's hard-hitting, stripped-down beats.


A1 Poetry
A2 South Bronx
B1 9mm Goes Bang
B2 Word From Our Sponsor
B3 Elementary
C1 Dope Beat
C2 Remix For P Is Free
C3 The Bridge Is Over
D1 Super-Hoe
D2 Criminal Minded
D3 P Is Free (Original 12" Version)