The Helio Sequence - Negotiations  (New CD)

The Helio Sequence - Negotiations (New CD)

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Vinyl LP pressing. Negotiations is the fifth full-length album written, recorded, and produced by Portland-based band The Helio Sequence. Negotiations grew out of improvisations and abstract sketches influenced by minimalist ambience, and tempered by singer/guitarist Brandon Summers's and drummer-keyboardist Benjamin Weikel's meticulous attention to production and arrangement. This collection of shimmering, reverb-heavy songs is a meditation on those inner dialogues (hence, Negotiations) with solitude, memory, misgivings, loss, atonement, acceptance and hope.


1 One More Time 3:46
2 October 4:38
3 Downward Spiral 3:47
4 The Measure 3:20
5 Hall Of Mirrors 3:44
6 Harvester Of Souls 3:40
7 Open Letter 4:22
8 When The Shadow Falls 3:45
9 Silence On Silence 3:56
10 December 3:24
11 Negotiations 4:45