Thurston Moore ‎– By the Fire [Colored Vinyl]  (New Vinyl LP)

Thurston Moore ‎– By the Fire [Colored Vinyl] (New Vinyl LP)

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Limited double colored vinyl LP pressing. This is Thurston Moore's seventh solo album, and features musicians Deb Googe (My Bloody Valentine) on bass and backing vocals, Jon Leidecker aka "Wobbly" (of Negativland) on electronics, James Sedwards on guitar, and Sonic Youth's Steve Shelley, as well as Jem Doulton, alternating on drums. "Hashish", the first single from the album, is described by Moore as "an ode to the narcotic of love in our shared responsibility to each other during isolation."
A1 Hashish 5:54
A2 Cantaloupe 4:44
A3 Breath 10:54
B4 Siren 12:20
B5 Calligraphy 5:20
C6 Locomotives 16:50
C7 Dreamers Work 4:53
D8 They Believe In Love [When They Look At You] 7:49
D9 Venus 14:20