The Moons - Pocket Melodies  (New Vinyl LP)

The Moons - Pocket Melodies (New Vinyl LP)

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Limiyed 180gm purple vinyl LP pressing. Through these strange and uncertain times it is sometimes a little hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel but this is where The Moons have stepped in. This long player is an album full of color and raw songwriting recorded live in the legendary Studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios. With cinematic string arrangements and masterclass songwriting from the pen of singer/songwriter Andy Crofts this album will be your happy escape. Pocket Melodies takes you on a journey of glorious melodies leading you through love, romance, nostalgia, regret and unity. The album features the highly praised singles "Riding Man" and "Today" plus a collaboration with Paul Weller on the song "Tunnel Of Time."


A1     Today     
A2     Riding Man     
A3     The Old Brigade     
A4     Far Away     
A5     Tunnel Of Time     
A6     Where Are You Now?     
B1     Sleep     
B2     Maybe I'm The Perfect Man (For You)     
B3     The Lone Wolf     
B4     Midnight     
B5     Rear Window     
B6     An Ordinary Romance