Daniel Romano - Cobra Poems   (New Vinyl LP)

Daniel Romano - Cobra Poems (New Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. Cobra Poems is a set of 10 new originals by Daniel Romano and the group of exceedingly well-dressed talents known as the Outfit. Here, they display an ever-increasing swagger and a rare ability to synthesize a shocking amount of rock history into something new, relevant, immediate, and yes, poetic. Cobra Poems was recorded in Camera Varda, the Outfit's newly built studio on the banks of the Welland Canal.



A1        Tragic Head    4:08
A2        Even In The Loom Of A Caress    3:00
A3        Nocturne Child    3:56
A4        The Motions    4:33
A5        Holy Trumpeteer    5:13
B1        Animals Above Our Town    2:36
B2        Tears Through A Sunrise    3:22
B3        Baby If We Stick It Out    5:00
B4        Still Dreaming    3:03
B5        Camera Varda    2:49