Autechre - Sign  (New Vinyl LP)

Autechre - Sign (New Vinyl LP)

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Double vinyl LP pressing. Includes digital download. Sign is Autechre's first new album-album proper since Elseq and contains some of their most emosh compositions in eons, perhaps since Tri Repetae. Practically pocket-sized in comparison to their sprawling torrent of live material and radio recordings in recent years, Sign is a return to the sort of concision found circa Exai and their earlier albums. Effectively they've gotten better to grips with their live set-up, and the hyper ideas found in their work-in-progress demonstrations on the five volume Elseq and 8hrs of NTS Sessions have been refined into moments of crystalline ambient baroque beauty and liquid-limbed swag on Sign.
A1 M4 Lema 8:49
A2 F7 5:56
B1 si00 5:51
B2 esc desc 4:55
B3 au14 5:03
C1 Metaz form8 6:00
C2 sch.mefd 2 5:25
C3 gr4 3:21
D1 th red a 6:35
D2 psin AM 6:20
D3 r cazt 7:12