Novelists Fr - Deja Vu  (New CD)

Novelists Fr - Deja Vu (New CD)

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Novelists Fr are back! But "Déjà Vu" sets the band's bar higher than ever before. With a vibe similar to Bring Me The Horizon many songs create a pop-centered rock music approach while adding accents of modern metalcore. The result is big riffs and catchy choruses which both "Smoke Signals" and "Made By Design" manage to perfectly blend. "Déjà Vu" features five atmospheric interludes, which appear as pleasing interplays in between heavy bangers, such as "Terrorist", "Do You Really Wanna Know" and "Lost Cause". These interplays range from electronic soundscapes on "Mae" to lovely played classical guitar ("Erre") and emotive post rock ("Colas"). Novelits FR still maintain their groovy, punchy metalcore sound "(Heretic). They still showcase their guitar playing skills, which are shown in short solo passages that do so well within their synthesizer-based soundscapes. Furthermore, electronic elements make the production of this album sound incredibly rich. Many things have changed and it's also due to Risches catchy vocals that Novelists Fr once again stepped up their game on "Déjà Vu" and easily deliver their strongest and most convincing, as well as genuine material to date.